4 inch Universal Snorkel Pre Filter 175mm x 125mm

4 inch Universal Snorkel Pre Filter 175mm x 125mm

3 inch Universal Snorkel Pre Filter 150mm x 100mm

Universal Snorkel Pre Filter 150mm x 100mm
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Newly Designed Universal Snorkel Pre Filter


(Please NOTE: Snorkel Head NOT included in sale)

Suitable Snorkel Heads

Dust and other contaminants needs to be removed before the air reaches the engine to prevent premature engine failure.

The AOB Snorkel Pre Filters are NEW PANTENTED design to be installed on the hood of the snorkel to remove most of the contamination and dirt from the incoming air. They are effective at removing the larger dirt particles and water droplets. As a result, they will greatly reduce the dirt reaching the air cleaner, resulting in extended filter life.

The AOB Snorkel Pre Filters are perfect for farm use and the big outback trips over long dusty roads and sandy beaches.

They can be easily installed with only one screw driver and 2 screws needed for many car models. The filters are fully reusable and just need a good clean to reuse again. Or replace or purchase the extra filters from our store when the filters reach the lifetime.

Your AOB pre filter is supplied to you with 5 of course 45 PPI filters and 5 of fine 55 PPI filters.

Under normal city / Highway driving you can run with no filter inserted On dirt tracks or remote roads run your AOB pre filter with the red Course filter fitted.

In extremely dusty conditions run your AOB pre filter with the green fine filter fitted.

CHEAP insurance of your 4x4. If you are planning your next off road adventure up North or maybe heading over the Simpson, you are going to need a snorkel pre-filter. Traditionally your only option would have been the old ugly “sock type” that goes over your snorkel like an old sock and at $20-30 a piece made for an expensive purchase each time you went on a trip. In some cases as in a Cape York trip you can go through 3 of these in a trip!

Now there’s a better and much cheaper permanent option for your pre-filter requirements. The Patented AOB pre-filter head replaces the external grill on your Safari or aftermarket snorkel. It is nothing more than a 2 minute job! 2 x screws and you’re done.

Once installed on your snorkel head you can then run with no filter installed or have your choice of inserting either the supplied course 45 PPI filter or fine 55 PPI filter and the best part is it takes no more than on minute to do it!

Next off road trip you’re going on just buy a couple of spare filters for a few bucks each and your good to go, it’s the cheapest and quickest insurance for your engine and air intake system you will find anywhere in the world.

Why do you need a Pre-Filter for your Offroad driving?

Air on board snorkel pre filter - YouTube


  • Great for offroad and farm use
  • Suiting many makes and models of snorkels with face size: 150mm x 100mm
  • Easy installation
  • Protect your engine
  • Reduce servicing of air filters
  • Durable and UV stable
  • One size for all
  • Filters reusable and replacable
  • 10 x Filters supplied: 5 of GREEN Fine Foams used for very dusty conditions and 5 of RED Coarse Foams used for general 4wd use
  • Once installed, you will never have to worry about removing this filter housing. When you need filtered air,  just drop in a filter pad into the filter cartridge and you are ready to go; At other times, just drive normally with no filter pad installed
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Size 3" 150 x 100MM
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